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If you have visited my website (, or my blog (which you are on right now), you may have noticed that something has changed. Something new was added. Ads.

Some information in this post is outdated

Yes, ads have been added to my website and my blog to help cover current and future costs. You have probably seen the ads already. Here is an example of an ad you may find:

Ad example

Or, if you are one of those people who don’t like ads (I dislike some ads), you may see something like this:

Ad blocker

If you are blocking ads, and you often visit my website or blog, please consider whitelisting both sites in your ad blocker.

You may be wondering why I made the decision to include ads on my website and blog and why I chose the ad provider that I did.

As with any person, I need money to continue doing what I do. Even though I currently use a free domain name, that will likely change in the future and I will need money to cover that cost. Another reason for needing ads is for part of the back-end of my website and blog. While most of my website and blog is hosted on free services such as Github and Netlify, some of the back-end is running on a virtual machine kindly provided to me. However, at any time, I can be asked to pay for this if the cost of keeping it up is too much for the person who provided it. I probably won’t have the money at that time to pay. Getting my own server will be quite expensive as server hosting costs in South Africa (where I live) is quite expensive (around R400 (which is about $33 at the time of writing) for a small VPS).

You may also be wondering about the ad provider. I chose to use Anonymous Ads as they pay out to Bitcoin. I could not use something like Google Ads for a number of reasons. I also could not use a provider that paid to a PayPal account due to not being able to open a PayPal account. For these reasons, my choice of provider was very limited. So I started researching other methods of receiving payment and decided to go with an ad provider that could pay out in Bitcoin. After quite some research, I found Anonymous Ads which provided what I was looking for. Adding their ads into my website and blog was quite easy.

So my website and blog now have something most websites have, something that I didn’t really want to add: ads.


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