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As you may have noticed, my website and blog now use the domain instead of I was finally able to register a .me domain.

This post, as the title suggests, will talk a lot about domains. Before I start, I want to give the reason for registering a new domain. Domains

While I did already have 4 domains, (the blurred out one is owned by a client) they are all free domains from Freenom. While these domains are fine for private use or testing, they do look unprofessional to anyone who knows that they are free.

If I had the funding available, I would personally have all of my domains paid for and not a TLD that can be obtained for free.

One of the things I have been developing is a dashboard for clients to be able to see their website’s basic analytics, uptime, package details, to allow them to contact me for support (or find a support article on my helpdesk) and more (more features will be added in the future). While I don’t want to give away the actual URL of this panel, I would like to share at least some details of the domain used. For the following example, xxxxx... refers to a redacted part of the domain name. The old domain was for clients to log into the client panel was Not only is that way to long, it is also a bit unprofessional with that free domain name. Earlier today, I moved the client panel and other and some internal tools to my new domain ( Now the client panel can be accessed at a (slightly) shorter (and a bit more professional) URL of (again, x’s used to redact some parts).

This is just one part of it, the other websites will also be merged into this one domain at some point in the future and the website will be replaced with a simple website with links to different subdomains. Something like this - with a better design:


(Yes, there is photography listed as a site there. I may create a website to host some of the photos I have taken)

I have many plans for my websites and services. But all of these require money and at the moment, I cannot even afford the cheapest DigitalOcean droplet without making a loss. At this time, I am relying on free services provided by kind people I meet online (mostly on Discord). If you would like to donate (or sponsor my projects) please contact me using the contact form at


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